My primary field so far has been layout and design for books and artwork for bands, but I'm available for commissioned work in most illustration and design related areas including graphic design, image editing & retouching, layout, typesetting, web design, logo creation, multimedia presentations and probably everything inbetween.

I do not aim to pursue a specific style for each and every client, but rather to adopt the aesthetics to the requirements of each project. This is not to say that my work lacks identity, but rather that I am diverse and versitile enough to treat every project as a unique entity and put forward the client's own character.

If enquiring regarding commissions and availability, please include as much information as possible on your project including details on budget and timeframe. Bands and record labels: If contacting me regarding cover artwork, please include a link to the official webpage (if there is one, obviously) of the band in question.


I have an eclectic approach to my work and like to incorporate pencil drawings, photography and scanned textures and objects to create a coherent entity. I usually start out with pencil and paper, scan the drawings, and then proceed to add and remove different elements intuitively.

What I like about the digital canvas is the ability to quickly toy around with different compositions and colour schemes and being able to revert to earlier steps of an image to follow-up a different thread and spin them further.It's important, however, to remember that the computer is but another asset in the toolbox, and at the end of the day, the traditional artist skills like an eye for composition, color and contrast are the factors that matter.

Legal notice

Please understand and respect that all the material on this site is copyrighted. You may NOT download, publish or use any material on this site without permission from the owner. While its flattering that some people for whatever reason want to use my images on their websites, I want to decide myself exactly how, when and in what context my work is displayed.

Given the "free" nature of the Internet, its very easy for people to download images that they like and publish them on their own pages, sometimes without giving proper credit to the artist. However, unauthorized use undermines the value and impact of the artwork, and the creator of the image is usually not too happy to see his work scattered around the net, sometimes disproportionally resized and compressed or otherwise presented in an inferior format. So, even if you have the best of intentions, please contact me if you are interested in using any of the images here.

Thank you!